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Our Wide Range Of Windows

Casement Windows


With almost any size and shape, and almost any combination of fixed and opening panes, there’s a window just right for your home. We’ve a full range of accessories, a choice of frame shapes and a great selection of handles and locks. If you want sleek simple, we can do it. If you want traditional elegance, that’s no problem. For period homes, we’ve got Georgian bars, arched heads and a range of cill sizes to suit every type of property.


Gone are the “good old days” of doors on the latch and open windows. Now, sadly, security is something that no one can afford to ignore. Every frame has been designed with your family’s security in mind. From the robust reinforcing of the frame itself, to the secure internal glazing; from easy to operate multi-point locking to night-vents and egress hinges, all features are engineered to protect and to function through years and years of use.  Even though we can’t ignore security, we don’t believe in making it difficult!


Do you dread the energy bill? We can’t make it go away but with energy-efficient frames we can make it less frightening. All our frames are built using multi-chambered profiles which insulate and protect you home from heat loss. Weatherproof seals keep draughts at bay and top-quality glazing combine to give you a much warmer and cheaper-to-run home.

These days, windows carry energy ratings, similar to those found on domestic appliances.  The higher the rating, the better the windows will perform, and the more money you will save.  Picking the right type of energy-efficient window for your home is not simple. It depends on your home’s construction, its location and other insulating measures, but talk to us about it. We’ll be happy to advise if double or triple-glazing is the best option and help you to make the smartest choice.

A multitude of finishes

There’s nothing wrong with white – it’s classy and smart – but, if we’re being honest, it doesn’t suit every home. Our stunning foiled finishes, permanently bonded to the frames, won’t fade, peel or crack and come in a range of colours, from stylish contemporary greys to brilliant primaries. Or, choose a wood-grained appearance, replicating the beauty of traditional timber. We’ve even got foiled finishes in white or cream for that painted wood look. If you feel like showing your true colours, why not go for it?

Sash Windows

There’s no getting away from it: the sash window is a real beauty. That combination of elegant style and through ventilation is a design classic that remains very popular to this day. But while we love sash windows for their grace and charm, old timber sashes can be a nightmare: cold and draughty, broken or seized mechanisms, or simply welded shut, with layer upon layer of paint.

There is an alternative: one that combines the best of modern materials, security and insulation, with classic sash window styling. It’s a very smart alternative.

Your choices

We’ve done the technical stuff. We’ve designed a beautiful, high performance, practical window, but it’s up to you to make it look the way you want. Whatever your home’s built from and whatever its age, between us, we can make something fabulous.

  • Full range of colours, from classic white to solid colours and stunning wood-grain finishes
  • Choice of white, brass or chrome hardware
  • Georgian bar option
  • Moulded or through sash horn details
  • Deep bottom rail option for traditional appearance.

The Environment

PVCu is a lot greener than you might think. It’s very durable and products made from it need replacing less frequently. At the end of a long life, PVCu products can be easily recycled. In fact, a lot of our frames already contain recycled materials, but don’t worry, there’s absolutely no compromise on appearance or performance. 

Maintenance is as simple as a wipe with a soapy cloth, so there’s no painting or preservatives to worry about, and because PVCu is a good insulator, using it to make window frames helps to lower fuel bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Reversible Windows 


For too long, reversible windows have been a messy compromise. Now there’s an alternative, and it’s one that’s capable of achieving an A+ Window Energy Rating. Solid Sense Reversible Windows have style and thermal performance.

They have perfect function and are fully sealed to protect against the weather. Even though they’re designed for medium and high-rise installation, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they turn up in all sorts of properties.

Solid Sense Reversible Windows use Spectus 70mm frames and a five chamber construction that incorporates their AEROFRAMETM technology. The deep-bevelled frames can be glazed with units ranging from 24mm, right up to a 44mm triple-glazed option capable of a remarkable U-value of 0.8W/m2K.

In a fully reversible window, ease of operation is essential. Our windows rotate fully outside of the building. There’s no need to move internal furnishings or curtains, and, of course, they are fitted with restrictors and safety catches to prevent accidents. We offer a wide choice of colours and woodgrain finishes with handles to suit.

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